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December 01, 2013

On two snowy days in November a dear friend traveled up from Boston to our family farm here in Vermont. It took him no more than an hour to turn the living room in our old brick house into a recording studio. Ms. Emily joined us from her dairy farm down the road and our neighbor Donna Harley started sketching shapes for the album art. While this new collection of songs was being etched into the audio archives, a mastermind of digital happenings, Bill Chesney, was setting the stage for it’s digital release. This whirlwind of events was brought into humble perspective by my two children, Henry and Samantha. They were in awe of the living room in its state and could not help but take part. We captured many sounds from them that we will hold on to in our home and even shared one moment on the album. It is for them that I write. It is for them that I record. It is my hope that this album will live on for a long time and that my kiddos, your kiddos, and our kiddo’s kiddos will find joy and comfort in these sounds.

I’d be honored if you brought these songs home and shared them with your friends and family.


Mister Chris

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Music for Sprouts makes the cover of the Burlington Free Press!

January 30, 2013

Last week, the Burlington Free press published and essay I wrote describing Music for Sprouts and my journey towards working with kids. I am honored to receive such support from local media and I so excited to be in love with the work I am doing!!!

Read the Article here.


July 22, 2012

I had a great time at Solarfest yesterday. The Songwriting showcase was an excellent opportunity to play for the people while meeting nine other awesome songwriters!

Thank you to Phil Henry and all of the folks who helped organize such a wonderful event. And, see you next year!!!