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A wonderful Music Store in Burlington

January 07, 2011

Yesterday, my last fear of moving from Michigan was nurtured to a point of no return by the staff of Advance Music in Burlington. When I left Lansing, I not only left a town i had known for 20 some odd years, i also left Elderly Instruments. Hands down, one of the most amazing places for a musician to dwell. With an international catalog featuring thousands of products, I felt so lucky to live in the city where Elderly called home.

So, back to yesterday. I walked in for the fourth time in search of a pedal that would take my guitar and hammered dulcimer to the next level of creative pursuit. I need to explain as well that i have a hard time buying things. it takes me a long time to make up my mind and I need to be absolutely sure of my purchase before i take it home forever. I was accompanied on my trip by my three year old son, Henry, who bee-lined it to the electronic drum sets. The man behind the counter seemed a bit apprehensive at first, especially when we tried to get going by using a pair of brand new sticks. (not cool, as i now know) However, after henry promised to be careful and gently rocked out with headphones on for 15 minutes, he came back with a warm smile and asked us if we needed help. When we explained we were only feeding the need of my amazing little man to rock out occasionally, he said, "take your time."

After the drums it was ukuleles. That lasted about two minutes as my anxiousness of Henry accidentally buying all the expensive acoustic instruments on the floor inspired me to have a short but heated argument about whether the instrument I handed to henry was in fact a Ukulele or not. (AND IT WAS, but that's not important.) I decided 'd offer henry a bribe of taking home a new guitar pick in exchange to as about my longed for guitar pedal. I had researched online and in magazines and come up with two i wanted to try. Neither were in stock. I was just about leave disappointed again when a super nice man who had helped once before long ago said we looked familiar. He asked how our trip went and i told him and incredibly shortened version of this story. He said, "well what exactly are you looking for?" i said, "Guidance." he said, well how about this used Deluxe Memory Man that just came in? You might like this one."

He set us up and besides turning the feedback up too high and almost making Henry cry i loved everything about it. As i type the memory man is waiting for me to join it in musical nonsense as soon as I am done typing. But I must share the icing on the cake. As I was purchasing the memory man, another nice man approached us and asked if i would be buying henry and instrument today. i said, "Not today". he said, "Hold on a minute." Moments later he returned with henry's brand new orange recorder. As he handed it to him he explained to henry that by blowing on it too hard he could hurt his ears as well as his mommy and daddy's ears, especially in the car. Henry was elated and up for the challenge of restraint.

Thank you, Advance Music! You are not Elderly Instruments (and why would you be?) but you are a gem of Burlington and you made both of our days!

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