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Press Quotes

Chris Dorman sounds like Chris Dorman, a profoundly talented and ambitious songwriter who is something of a sonic chameleon. And Sita is as unpredictable as it is fascinating and rewarding, regardless of how you categorize it.
    -Dan Bolles (Seven Days)

Dorman's warm, yearning voice, his masterful ability to guide a decidedly communal effort toward something cohesive, and especially his careful and imaginative attention to arranging songs, make "To Begin Again" worth a listen.
    -Chris Rietz (Lansing State Journal)

It seems like family takes the form of much more than blood for this singer songwriter. Unassuming and charismatic at live performances... I have to say that the truths he sings of and songs he creates are part of a community I wish I was a part of.

If there is an ounce of hesitation in the heart, a small part of the self stored away in the heart's drawers and closets, as is the case with most of us, the textured combination of Dorman's breathy, piercing vocals and the music on To Begin Again will coax it out and onward.
    -timlane (SCENE Metrospace)

Excerpt from review of Sita by Angelica Music
Sita is one of those albums that might take you six months to get to the second half of, because you're constantly listening to the first six songs. This album flies under the radar, totally inconspicuous, but Chris Dorman has created a work of fabled art. Falling under the tag of "Neo-Folk", Chris is more than a singer/songwriter. Many songs on Sita are narratives or poems. The album reminds me of Badly Drawn Boy's Hour of Bewilderbeast or The Villagers Becoming a Jackal in the way that the songs crescendo, like a soundscape (a landscape of music).

Sita is that album you listen to in its entirety because between the beginning and end you are swept into a Wonderland, like your world, only different, and Chris, humble and sweet, will get us through it to the other side.


Chris Dorman's creative adventure started in his home state of Michigan. Like most young songwriters he started sharing his original songs in coffee shops, open mics and street corners. He solidified his place on the stage by hosting open mic nights. He found a surprise passion, as host, nurturing other musicians to take the leap into performing. After the birth of his son, Henry, in 2007 he was moved to take his music into schools. His passion to work with children and dedication to building community earned him a membership in the Earthwork Music Collective, based in Michigan. He released his debut solo record, To Begin Again on the Earthwork label. To Begin Again can barely be called a solo record, however, featuring over a dozen musicians. In 2009, Chris moved to Vermont with his partner, Corie, and their son, Henry, to start a community farm called Bread and Butter Farm. Soon after their arrival in Vermont Chris released Sita, an epic follow up to To Begin Again. Shortly after his release tour they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Samantha. In her first year Chris turned his focus to raising his kids and developing a new early education program called Music for Sprouts which officially begins this October 2012. Wherever Chris's adventure takes him he takes music with him and he shares it in any way he can.

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