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October 10, 2011

Upcoming Tour - The Crane Wives

I am really stoked about my return trip to Michigan coming up in November. I am slated to be in 35 classrooms, Kindergarten to 4th grade, in grand Rapids. I'll be playing eveing shows in lansing, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City. In TC I'll open for this wonder of a band called The Crane Wives. I just took in the video below. I love it. I love them. I love their sound.

See you soon Mitten!

August 17, 2011

What have I been doing?

Well, I know I have a been a bit quite on this website since Sam was born. But life has never been so full. Samantha is already 4 months old, our farm is finding its place in a real way here in VT, and Henry is starting pre-school in a matter of weeks. I have been spending computer time lately but most of it has been funneled in to our farm's website.

Instead of lyrics, I have been writing blurbs. I don't know if I have ever explained how much I enjoy blurbs. I think they are blurbtastic.

Well, I have been thinking of you, wherever you are, and I want you to know I am writing music too. I have been working out new tunes with my buddy, Philip, on upright bass, in our bakery space after the kiddos go to bed. We are currently getting ready to make the trip to Michigan for the annual Harvest Gathering! The whole family is coming as well. I also invited a new friend from Massachusetts named Heather Maloney who will also be performing.

Sita is still being released. It is like one long release party as far as I am concerned. For that matter, To Begin Again is still being released. I recently heard from a new friend in Colorado that my song, Family Farm, was a true story for her boyfriend and his family. Their story of losing their family farm was chilling, and yet the emotion involved with such an event is inspiring to love something or somewhere that deep.

Right now, ideas are brewing. I have a million. In this time of new transition all around me it only makes sense that I could do any one of these things and it would turn out great, and yet the question of which one first still lingers. Why don't I share a few and you tell me which ones you connect to, eh? I may or may not ever do them all but you could!

Kid's Album

Series of Kid's albums that grow with the listener

Interview old timers in VT and write about the natural history and ever changing social landscape here in the Green Mountains.

Earthwork Vermont

Lullaby album with hammered dulcimer songs

Space Rock album also with hammered dulcimer songs.....and Mike Shimmin

Host well known artists in tiny venues providing intimate and inspiring moments for young artists and community members at large

Kid's music classes for 0 to 3 year olds

Okay, so that is the latest. How are you?


August 17, 2011

Cooking up plans to return to Michigan in November

Stay tuned....
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October 10, 2011
Upcoming Tour - The Crane Wives
August 17, 2011
What have I been doing?
August 17, 2011
Cooking up plans to return to Michigan in November
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